Bruce Springsteen concerts are always marked by the performer’s energetic and undeniably charming stage presence. When he sings songs, whether mainstream rock or somber folk, he has a tireless energy that would make many younger artists jealous. And his audiences get treated to that same level of raw power and unstoppable energy.

Bruce Springsteen’s style of music, heartland rock, has a relatability that has captured the hearts of working class folk of all ages. It has a sincerity that speaks to audience members and shows that Springsteen understands the struggles, victories, and beauty of the everyday wage earner’s life. And many fans feel more hopeful and proud of their lives after seeing his shows.

But one of the most undeniable elements of a Springsteen live concert is the catchiness of the music. His songs often feature catchy danceable melodies featuring exquisite vocals and guitar work.

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